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Whether it is an imaginative idea, a science fiction story or a visual work, it can be given new value in the Web3.0 era dominated by blockchain.

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Philosophy and Vision

Scifan chain is an applied blockchain focusing on science fiction industry. Sci-Fan-Chain stands for science, fantasy and blockchain respectively. The concept of scifan chain is to reshape the production relationship of science fiction industry, make the creation of science fiction industry value more efficient, and the distribution more reasonable and fair. Its core goal is to capture the value of science fiction industry, make full use of new thinking, new technology and new ecological construction mode, and enable creators, readers, investors, communicators and operators to cooperate creatively in an unprecedented mode, Promote the rapid development of this industry.

Based on advanced blockchain technology and combined with application layer and client, Scifan chain creates a decentralized, open, inclusive, safe and intelligent science fiction creation application chain to inject vitality into the science fiction ecology full of infinite possibilities.

We are in the age of science fiction! People's deep and wide exploration and thinking about the world drives us to explore the mysteries of the stars and the soul with unprecedented eyes. A new language is being born, and the creation, reading and communication mode of science fiction art is facing comprehensive innovation.

Capture the value of works, transform them into corresponding resources and release energy. Through the token economic model of blockchain, creators can get financial support in the early stage of creation, so as to focus on creation. The application of token stimulates the imagination and creative enthusiasm of all practitioners.

Create a modern negotiation model based on the balanced optimization algorithm, return the ownership and operation rights of the industry to the communities governed by practitioners, introduce a decentralized consensus mechanism, develop ecology, stimulate creativity, activate unlimited possibilities, and create a new culture that is proactive and determined to seek new ideas.

Technical Architecture

Combining science fiction industry with blockchain

Scifan chain obtains the resources and value of science fiction industry chain from the upstream. After a series of technical processing, it finally allows them to be applied in reality to form a complete closed loop.

The value of all works on the Scifan chain has access to the real world. Written works can derive CG, 3D models, VR, film and television works, can become paper publications and electronic publications, and can be directly distributed online to readers by subscription. They will eventually produce real value. When the chain gradually develops and matures, it will become an infrastructure of the whole science fiction industry. All kinds of offline companies, institutions and employees can attach their labor achievements to the chain. At that time, the Scifan chain captures the value of all industries, and these values really belong to the people who created it and will not be deprived by any privileged, chaebol or monopolist.

Unique Value

Create science fiction that combines multiple genes

Every work on the Scifan chain has unique value. A variety of technologies are used in the creation process of works. They all constitute the gene of works, making its significance far beyond its own content.

Scifan chain uses human creation to replace algorithm mining. We firmly believe that language, science and art, imagination and thinking, and the starry universe are full of value, and the creators can dig them out, and the algorithm can't do anything about it. The token economy of Scifan chain is based on human creativity and labor. A series of algorithms and protocols are designed around the creative process in order to reasonably express the value of works in different stages. In short, we use the number of words as a reference to express the quantitative value of the works, and the quality value of the works is expressed by grade and maturity. The quantitative value is given by program statistics, and the quality value is evaluated by the community through full voting.


Team Member


founder, independent developer, science fiction writer, responsible for application layer and client development.

Chai Jie

graduate student, School of microelectronics, University of science and technology of China, member of the editorial department of trust Chinese open source journal, developed by substrate.


creative copywriter, responsible for the organization and promotion of community activities.


with rich development experience, has been deeply engaged in blockchain technology for many years and has been developed by substrate.